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Learning Objectives

Quran recitation or memorization are two different courses that include practical Tajweed. This course offering is open ended, meaning that it doesn't have a specific duration. Customarily, the learner starts with the final Juz’ of Quran and proceeds little by little towards the beginning of the Quran (with memorization and recitation or recitation only based on your preference). The time a learner might need to complete the Quran in either case will range between 2-5 years based on one's learning capability, starting learning level, attendance, focus, and practice.


Learn in Nour Academy with genders separated

Genders separated

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Age: starting 5 years old


Fee: 35$/ 8 Quran sessions

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Classroom Language: English

Session type: Self Paced - Virtual Classroom (one on one open course)

Session duration: 30 mins for adults

20 mins for kids



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